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V544 Her: likely superoutburst, time-resolved photometry required

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V544 Her: likely superoutburst, time-resolved photometry required

V544 Herculis (UGSU:)

Gaia detection (Gaia20bus):
HERV544 20200327.179 19.06G Gaia
HERV544 20200414.625 14.93G Gaia
HERV544 20200414.699 14.90G Gaia
HERV544 20200414.876 14.91G Gaia

ZTF light curve:

Recent ASAS-SN Sky Patrol (Shappee et al. 2014ApJ...788...48S and Kochanek et al. 2017PASP..129j4502K) light curve and data:
HERV544 20200401.589 <17.64g ASN
HERV544 20200417.384 14.99g ASN
HERV544 20200417.385 15.45g ASN
HERV544 20200417.386 15.30g ASN

A double (super?)outburst was observed 2018 Aug. 20–26 and Sept. 1–11 (see also T. Kato, vsnet-alert 23340). Short (= normal?) outbursts were recorded 2019 Mar. 21–22 and June 11–13.

Time-resolved photometry is urgently required.

Clear skies,

Richard Wagner
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V544 Her

Just imaged V0544 Her (at 2458962.77873) and got a CV magnitude of 18.591+/-0.005 using an ensemble from chart X25285NP.

Richard Wagner


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Re: V544 Her

Thanks a lot for your report, Richard!

V544 Herculis (UGSU:)

Available observations:
See also

V544 Her was observed at mag. 15 from April 14 to 19; the rapid fading began on April 20. This long outburst
started between April 4 (ZTF) and 14 (Gaia). It was definitely *not* a normal outburst, and looks more like
a superoutburst with more than the first half missed. Time-resolved photometry was obtained only on April 19
(shortly before the rapid fading started), and only by Tonny Vanmunster (VMT).


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