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V582 Mon, and CQ Tau fade

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V582 Mon, and CQ Tau fade

We now have a sequence for V582 Mon = KH15D for the upcoming campaign. Two things to note: first, that Bill Herbst (YSO scientific adviser) used these stars when V582 Mon was still known as KH15D - he is the "H" in that designation by the way! So this is not a 'conventional' AAVSO sequence, prepared by us in the sequence team, but it is the only one to be used, as most of the other stars in the field are themselves YSOs. Second - note this is not a visual target, CCDs only please.

Also, recent observations show the extremely active star CQ Tau is undergoing a deep fade. Even owners of small scopes can follow this star at minimum, so there's no excuse!

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