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V616 Mon

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Joined: 2010-07-23

Hi all,

What is the quiescent magnitude of the X-ray nova V616 Mon? Could it be around 17.5 or are we seeing a close companion?




V0616 Mon at minimum
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Sebastian Otero
Joined: 2010-09-19

Hi, Eddy,

There is a 20.8 Vmag. star 6" to the NNE of the variable but if it is not resolved, it will only add up 0.07-0.10 mag. at the range 17.8-18.3 for V0616 Mon at quiescence.
Yes, V0616 Mon is around V= 18.0 at minimum.

I have updated VSX with this information and also added a remark for VSP about the companion, although I don't think it will be a problem. If you get as faint as V= 18, then you will be able to solve the two.


Sebastian Otero
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