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V817 Tau and OW Hya getting hourly coverage by BSM-Astrokolkhoz

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V817 Tau and OW Hya getting hourly coverage by BSM-Astrokolkhoz

BSM Astrokolkhoz is now covering V817 Tau and OW Hya on an hourly basis.

I had to make a new observing plan for each hour angle 'window', but once you make one it's not hard to make a bunch and then edit the HA constraints.

I hope that Thom Gandet gets some good data from this new effort on somewhat-short-period stars.

Tom Krajci
Cloudcroft, New Mexico

Center for Backyard Astrophysics (CBA) CBA New Mexico

American Association of Variable Star
Observers (AAVSO): KTC

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BSM-Astrokolkhoz hourly data

Dear Dr. Telescope,

Thanks, Tom, for getting this data. You've built a dream machine, there -
the data I've been getting have been excellent! I haven't gotten the V817
Tau or OW Hya data yet, but the BSM data on another (earely-type) bright
star led to the surprising discovery that the star was not an eclipser as
had been thought for years, but a pulsator. The Hipparcos data for it has
stubbornly resisted giving it up for years! Hipparcos 0, BSM-Astrokolkhoz 1!

With best regards,
Thom Gandet (GTN)

P.S. There's plenty more interesting stars in my pipeline, enough to keep
the next generation of Krajci observers busy!

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