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Vanishing Images

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Vanishing Images


I just uploaded 84 images, but there are only 64 in my image-list.
The missing images are not in the processing queue anymore.

So I uploaded the missing ones again. They never showed up, neither in the processing queue nor in
my image list. Even when I try to upload a single image of those missing, it disappears.

Any ideas, what could be wrong here?

Besides that: I love the new VPhot, it is fast as never. Good Job!


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Hi Katy, I do see error

Hi Katy,

I do see error message on the server for some of your images, reading 'Error: No FITS image file is attached.' Don't know what this could be, looks like the file might be corrupted. Can you send me one of the files by mail?


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you have mail

Hi Geir,
I uploaded the images on my webspace and wrote you an email.



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