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Vend4: new variable in the SS Cyg/V1668 Cyg field

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Vend4: new variable in the SS Cyg/V1668 Cyg field

Dear Friends,

A few month ago I've found a new variable on my SS Cyg images during our Vendégcsillag-kereső (Guest Star Hunter) programme:


Mag range: 12.5 - 13.5V
Coordinates: 21 42 53.838 +43 55 36.23 (J2000.0)
Type: SR: (perliminary L type in VSX)

This variable lies only 7' disctance from V1668 Cyg (Nova Cyg 1978) and 20' from SS Cygni. It is worth to check SS Cygni CCD and DSLR images for further photometry.

More details in VSX.

The (blended) NSVS light curve and CCD photometry of Henden (APASS) and NLZ suggest a short period around ~60 days + my DLSR photometry suggets a longer period around 600 days. Further photometry is encouraged.

I've also found two more variable star candidates - Vend S611 and Vend S613 - on my SS Cyg images only a few arc minutes from Vend4 and V1668 Cyg, so if anyone have archival CCD or DSLR images of this area, please don't hesitate to contact me!

More details:

Clear skies,



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Vend4 and SS Cyg

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