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VPhot Doesn't Like Parentheses in File Names

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VPhot Doesn't Like Parentheses in File Names

I encountered an interesting problem when attempting to upload images into VPhot.  Using Quick Upload I noticed that after my images were processed they did not show up in View Processed Images.  Tried again using the Upload Wizard to make sure nothing was wonky - got all green check marks.  I noticed that some other images from the same batch did upload and process normally, so I was wondering what the difference was.  Turns out that for the ones that did not process I had parentheses in the file name, eg.  V1977_Cyg_(1)_V.FIT  I did this to distinguish on my end between two BVI sets taken a few hours apart that same night.  Removing the parentheses resolved the problem.  So the issue remaining is that VPhot did not return an error or warning about the file name but instead accepted them for processing and then dropped them on floor without explanation.  I checked the VPhot User Manual but did not see any mention of prohibited characters in file names.  The upload issue was the same whether I used Chrome or Firefox as the browser.

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