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VPHOT Server restored

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VPHOT Server restored

Hi all,

The restore of the server is finally complete, and VPHOT is open for use.

All images that we had left after the crash have been re-processed,
and should be available in your accounts. About 35 000 images
survived, being the most recently uploaded ones from the last month or
so. If you had any older images not yet analysed you have to upload
them again. But check you account first (click the 'More' link above
your image list to search for images).

The processing pipeline is back to normal too, new images uploaded the
recent days have also been processed. No new images should be lost.

There is one important issue concerning iTelescope (GRAS) users; you
have to associate your iTelescope user name with VPHOT. This is the
same procedure you did when you first started using VPHOT, but it has
to be done once more. I have written Instructions for how to do that
on the image list page in VPHOT. Green text on top of the page.

Finally we have done some testing, and it all looks good. There might
of course be issues here and there, so if you notice anything out of
order please send me a mail.

To summarize:

- Your most recently uploaded images should be available
- All saved sequences are lost
- Telescope information is lost. If you upload for a non-public
telescope, you have to re-enter setup information for that telescope
- You will no longer see images that someone shared with you

On the up side - the new server is definitively faster than the old :-)


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vPhot is back!

Wow Geir,fast as a shark!you guys did a great job and I already tested it.Much much faster!

Ok,We have to make the sequences again,not a big deal and all my pictures of the last months are there and no problem to connect again to T5.

Perfect.Thanks again

Stefano 'T5' Padovan

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