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VPhot: "Upload Failed!"

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VPhot: "Upload Failed!"

Unable to upload images.

Typical procedure  (Upload -- Quick Upload -- Flash) generates the "Upload Failed!" message almost instantly.  Tried Simple Upload as well as other files, but problem persists.  Server load = None.  Tried Upload Wizzard, and it fails also.  Telescope = 2x2 CDK-17; file size = 8,199 KB/8.199 MB.  Tried smaller, cropped frames, too. 

Wasn't entirely surprised when I got this result last evening, when the server load was heavy (tried to upload a single image then), but this morning with no load and nothing in the processing queue, its clear that something is wrong.


Clear skies,

Brad Vietje -- VBPA

Newbury, VT

RE: Unable to upload images.

This may be a problem as I'm getting the same failure to upload.


Nick Tonkin

Cornwall, UK

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Using VPot

Yes, something is definitely wrong with VPhot. I'm getting all sorts of Error Messages.

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Checking on it

Hi All:

Thanks for the reports. The upload failure is being checked now.

As seen last week, it is apparently an issue of web resources. We are using it more and it fills up faster. Good and bad! Very bad when it fails completely. George keeps deleting things from cloud and rebooting but we probably need to decrease image storage time and/or increase on-line resources ($).

Hopefully will be up again soon. Then we try to get creative.


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VPhot disk space issues

The problem today was running out of disk space.

Reminder: VPhot is a pipeline, not an archive. If you have lots of images (over 500) then please delete them when you are done analysing them; don't leave them to just be culled at 100 days. In fact, the hold time may be reduced to something line 45 days.

The system has 1Tb or storage and is currently managing over 100,000 image files.




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And it has been a busy day on VPhot

The processing queue is still over 1200 files with queue wait time over 2 hours.

The weather must have been great for observing!



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It seems that the FIFO is broken too.

This comment deleted

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