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VPhot won't upload my images

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VPhot won't upload my images

Hey there,

I've been trying for over a week (8/20 - 9/4) now to upload my images to VPhot and each time, if it even uploads them without stalling and just canceling itself, it will say "upload complete"  but then when I refresh the images list (several times and wait for it to load) there is nothing there.  What is going on?

No my files are not too big, I checked.

Yes they are the right file types.

No I did not navigate away from the page while it uploaded.

No there is no other button to click or step to do or popup that helps along this process.

What is happening here?  Has anyone else had trouble with this?

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Upload Issue


In your other post in Data Analysis you mentioned another issue related to lack of specific fits headers. However, it supported my understanding that you were previously able to upload some images to VPhot.

Is this upload problem something new in the last week and have you been successful before?

Do you have a telescope setup in VPhot and do your image headers include the correct telescop name header?

Were you using Upload Wizard or Quick Upload? Does Upload Wizard indicate that your images have the required headers?

I use Quick Upload for all my images and have never seen Upload Complete when it failed during the process. It then reports Upload failed? So was there some internet interruption during the process?

In your image list, click "more". Under target can you see the name of the target that you think was uploaded? If not, those images did not get to your VPhot account for some reason?

Again, is this a new or first time problem?




I got the images uploaded

I got the images uploaded initially then saw the plate solving issue and had to take them out to try and fix that, which I'm still lost on.

But upon returning to upload them it is a no go :(

Yes I have set up my telescope

I have used both Quick and Wizard uploads

No internet interruption, or outage

Nope, I no longer have images in there so there is no target to click on, sadly.

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You have uploaded images previously but cannot recently? So, that is confusing! BTW, you can manually fill in the RA and Dec into the quick upload page for VPhot?

I use maxim/pinpoint to plate-solve my images in real time AND the appropriate RA/Dec headers are installed, so I'm not sure why you do not have them??

If you want to Skype/talk through this, it is okay with me? Send me an email through the community/find a member/contact page on AAVSO web page. We can arrange something? Easier than back and forth emails?

MZK is my observer code and user name.



Thanks Ken!

Hey Ken,Thank you for all of your help.  I think it might have been an uploading/server problem because a week or so later I was able to upload all of my images without issue, so I too am at a loss of what was happening.  Thank you for your efforts and attention to helping me!

More upload issues :(


I have run into more trouble with uploading images into VPhot.  VPhot shows that all of my images have been uploaded and I had 27 of them.  However, going to the AAVSO data download query for ALL data on this star only shows 8 data points input for it and all 8 came from me.  This can't be possible, what is going on?

I uploaded my images twice and still all that the AAVSO database returns is 8 of my images and no other data from any other user, I tried the same query on two other stars and got back results from both myself and many other observers so I did input the query correctly, anyone else see this?

The star in question is NSV 15146

Anyone else have these issues and can you help?

Please and thank you.

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VPhot upload question

There is a confusion here about data flow:
- You upload images to VPhot so you can extract the photometry and create a report in a format that webobs can accept.
- You submit your report to webobs via the website:  Data / Webobs / Upload a data file.
- Now that the data is in the AID you can look for your data with the data download query.

It's an involved process for sure!


Nope, that is exactly what I

Nope, that is exactly what I did.

And when I went to the data download query and asked for ALL data, no time span (JD) restrictions all that came up in the resulting file was 8 uploads for this star, all of which were from me alone.  When I had uploaded 27.

So question 1: where are the other 19 data uploads from me?
Question 2: where are the observation reports from anyone else on this star?  (NSV 15146)

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obs of NSV 15146

There are only 8 observations of NSV 15146  in the AID according to VSX and LCGv2. You are all by yourself!

Can you show the submission file for the other 19 observations?


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