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VS Search

I have figured out what keywords I have to put in my FITS files to get Pinpoint to do the astrometry solution for my images.  Now I'm trying again to tackle "VS Search."  Previously Geir had suggested that since I wasn't running my files through the Pinpoint algorithm in VPHOT that I needed to add a FITS header keyword FWHM to my image files that held the fwhm for the stars which Pinpoint would normally do if I had been using Pinpoint.  That hadn't resolve the issue but I got busy and forgot about it.

Now that I am using PinPoint in VPHOT to do the astrometry solution, I thought that "VS Search" might work for those images sent through Pinpoint.  But it turned out that did not fixt my problem with VS Search.  It is still failing on the FITS files I ran through Pinpoint.  So there must be something else missing from my FITS headers that I have not discovered yet.  

Is anyone else having issues with VS Search?   What did you do to get it working with your FITS files?

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