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VSP Error

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VSP Error

Hi. VSP is not working when the magnitude is set to greater than 16.5. You just get a question mark. It's been like this for about 8 hours. Is there anyone that this especially needs to be reported to?
Kind regards
Stephen [HSP]

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VSP and other errors

You are right; VSP does not work with magnitudes greater than 16.5. Several days ago it worked.

The other funny thing is that in the reply message window, the black web page background spreads under writable area and it is impossible to see what you write there. I used Notepad, copied and put the text insight the message window. One can use the plain text editor but it is not so friendly...


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vsp and other errors

We upgraded the operating system and web content management system, and not everything is fully functional yet. The VSP problem is known and will get fixed in a few hours. If you come across anything else, let us know and we'll address them. Thanks!

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Sorry about that; we have a

Sorry about that; we have a separate database for all the stars >16th mag, and I always forget about it when working on VSP. It's back in place and everything should be working normally now. Let me know if you see any more problems.

(And yes, I know about the forum input boxes having a black background. I'm working on it :) )

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