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VSP Issue

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VSP Issue

I have just tried to get a DSS for RY Dor (FOV: 12, limiting mag 17.5, reolsution 300.
I get this message
"Click on image to view chart at full resolution/size."

There is no image.
But I can get the normal (ie non DSS) chart using the above parameters.

Please can someone check out this issue.


Stephen [HSP]


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DSS Images in VSP

Hi Stephen,

I checked it at 12:15UT 29 May, and it is working now. Occasionally, the server VSP downloads DSS images from goes down, in which case VSP can't supply images for the background of the chart. We don't have any warning or control over these instances. These outages don't usually last long and if you check back later you'll find it working again.

Mike Simonsen(SXN)

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