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VStar 2.15.5 Release

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VStar 2.15.5 Release

The latest version of VStar has just been released! If you are using Java Web Start to load the program you will automatically get the new version next time you use it. If you are using a local version (rare), then you should download it again from the Source Forge site:

Some of the plugins have changed (especially the "Members-only" APASS and BSM Epoch Photometry ones) so it would be a good idea to visit the VStar Plug-in Library and replace any existing plugins on your computer with the new versions. This might also be a good opportunity to take a look at what is available and download some new ones.

Also included with this release is the first implementation of an "extrema finder" for the polynomial fit tool. In addition, the "Observation Details" window contains more information about a selected observation and a number of bugs have been fixed. You can read more details on what is included in version 2.15.5 in the VStar Change Log.

Many thanks to David Benn for his continued efforts in maintaining and upgrading VStar and for his patience and responsiveness to user needs.

-Sara Beck

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