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VStar 2.16.5 release

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VStar 2.16.5 release

VStar 2.16.5 has just been released!

This version corrects a bug that prevented reporting discrepant observations to AAVSO HQ.

It also introduces two exciting new plug-ins:

DASCH Observation Source - With this plug-in (written by Paul York), you now have the ability to load data downloaded from the "Digital Access to a Sky Century @ Harvard" database (i.e. data obtained from the scanned Harvard Plate collection). You can read more about the DASCH project here and learn how to use the VStar plug-in to download and view the data using Paul's excellent tutorial.

Fourier Model Creator - Inspired by Mark Blackford, this plug-in takes as input a series of observations and creates a model based upon one or more user-specified periods and one or more harmonics per period. An example of its use can be found in David Benn's tutorial.

Using VStar plug-ins has never been easier, thanks to David's clever "Plug-in Manager".

Please visit the VStar Overview page to learn more about VStar in general. You will find more information about the two new plug-ins and fourteen additional ones in the VStar Plug-in Library page. There are also links there to documentation which can help you to write your own should you feel inspired to do so!

Once again, the AAVSO extends a hearty "Thank you" to David Benn for all his hard (100% volunteer) work to make VStar such a useful tool.




Mark Blackford
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VStar 2.16.5

Thanks Sara and David,

I've been looking forward to the Fourier Model Creator plugin. Cheers,


David Benn
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Good to hear Mark. Thanks for

Good to hear Mark.

Thanks for motivating it and for early testing. Enjoy. smiley

Thanks also to Doug Welch for suggesting DASCH and Paul York for writing it. I recall it being referred to on a slide at the last AAVSO meeting.


David Benn
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Oh, and as always, thanks

Oh, and as always, thanks Sara. 

Check out the useful "blue boxes" of links that Sara has recently added to the VStar overview page (and plug-in library page). Fantastic navigation aids.


thanks sara

thanks sara

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