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VStar 2.16.8 release

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VStar 2.16.8 release

VStar version 2.16.8 has just been released!

If you already have vstar.jnlp on your computer, you will get this new version automatically next time you use VStar. If you do not yet have VStar, please visit the VStar Overview page and click "Download VStar Now". There is also an excellent User's Manual available from the same place.

Whis this release, a number of bugs were fixed and some useful changes were made to the way the Plugin Manager works. There are also some new ways to launch VStar (available from the SourceForge website) which will help those of you who may have trouble with the Java Web Start version.

  • Ticket #210: AoV period analysis plug-in fixes for first formal release
  • Ticket #350: Create filter from plot view
  • Ticket #351: Select All button in observation list pane
  • Ticket #352: Separate download archives for Mac, Windows, and Linux (bash), including a signed Mac application
  • Ticket #438: Observation lists: magnitude sorting fix (when column selected)
  • Ticket #473: Plug-in Manager: permit all plug-ins to be cleared via a "Delete All" button in Plug-in Manager
  • Added a plug-in setting Preferences pane
  • DCDFT result dialog plots now use frequency or period according to what was requested, rather than always frequency
  • Some Spanish and French localisation additions and improvements

Many, many thanks to David Benn for all the great work he has done and continues to do in support of VStar!



David Benn
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Additional tickets not in change log

Hi all

Thanks Sara. smiley

I noticed after the release that I'd missed a couple of tickets from the change log that I'd implemented/fixed in 2.16.8

  • Ticket #479 Add Observation Type to obs list
  • Ticket #484: Undo/redo retains observations across dataset loads

They'll be included retrospectively.

I've started planning for the next release.

I'm looking at what needs to be updated on the Plug-in Library page also (e.g. additional documentation).

Let me know if you have any problems. I'd also like to know whether anyone is still having AID dataset load issues.


David Benn
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The documentation for Current

The documentation for Current Mode ANOVA and AoV Period Search plug-ins have been added:

This was done a few days ago actually, but I forgot to mention it.

Sara also added information about the plug-in manager (


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