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VStar 2.16.9 release

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VStar 2.16.9 release

VStar 2.16.9 has just been released. The main purpose of this release is to support the new SSL security environment of the AAVSO website and authentication procedure (i.e. the AAVSO URL has changed from http to https). It is important to note that you MUST delete the vstar.jnlp file you have been using to launch VStar and download it again from the VStar page by clicking on the blue button marked "Download VStar Now".

The other new feature in this release is that you now can perform a polynomial fit on a phase plot - not just on the raw data.

Many thanks to David Benn for this release and for all his hard work on VStar.


David Benn
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Windows zip file now also on SourceForge; any problems?

Hi all

Thanks Sara.

I neglected to upload the file Windows zip file to SourceForge along with the Mac DMG and Linux zip.

I've rectified this now. See

Also, if anyone is having any problems with either a SourceForge or a WebStart download, in particular with authentication, e.g. when requesting the plug-in manager, please let us know.


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