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VStar 2.17.1 release

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VStar 2.17.1 release

Hi All,

VStar 2.17.1 has just been released. This release is mainly a bug fix, correcting the following problems:

- Ticket #514 Converted star group preferences to use VSX web service.
- Ticket #515 Load from AID: additive load being ignored.
- Ticket #516 Scripting API: load from AID needs to invoke plug-in method.
- Ticket #517 File dialog based observation source UI freeze:
- Ticket #518 Load from AID: DIFF and STEP MTypes not being ignored.
- Ticket #519 File dialog based observation source UI freeze.
- Ticket #520 Non-compliant Unicode chars in AID load causes parse failure.
- Ticket #521 Discrepant observation shown as "good".

As usual, as long as you are using the Java Web Start version of VStar (vstar.jnlp) the update will occur automatically next time you use VStar. There is no need to download VStar again from the webpage.

Thanks to all for helping to identify and report these issues. Also many thanks to David Benn for acting so quickly to correct them!

Best regards,


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