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VSTAR Error of maximum

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VSTAR Error of maximum


if I obtain a maxima with a polynom of 6 degree, where can i find the error of the found JD.

Is the RMS the JD error? Or something else? This seems a high error to me? Software Minima 2.7 has found similar JD but there the error is 0,00064 

Vstar polynom results: 2458967,51153.   mag 8,58258

fit metrics: 

rms 0,026481

aic -467,335816

bic -454,197888









David Benn
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JD Error

Hi Bernhard

There are others who have a more sophisticated understanding of error than I do who may want to add their thoughts, but hese are goodness of fit measures rather than a measure of JD error. 

VStar currently has a fixed resolution or step when looking for JD (sub-second) which may be configurable in future.

This issue has come up before and is very likely worth addressing further. More input welcome though.

There is also ticket that captures the idea of being able to more dynamically add model error measures etc.


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