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VStar paper by David Benn in JAAVSO Volume 40, Number 2

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David Benn's excellent paper on VStar has been published in the Journal of the AAVSO, Volume 40, Number 2. This paper was posted as an eJAAVSO file earlier this year (find it at and look down the list for page 852).

The full issue of the Journal has now been published and is available free to members as a pdf document. Printed copies will be available for purchase in about a week. For either version, please go

Thank you, again, David, for your countless hours of dedicated volunteering to make VStar the tremendous resource that it is!

Good data plotting and analyzing to all,

Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ

Excellent! Thanks very
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David Benn
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Thanks very much to you, Mike, and others at AAVSO for your great work on the JAAVSO. :)



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