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I have been using VStar for a little while, and I have an enhancement request regarding filtering.   I have been doing a lot of fitting to subsets of data.  To do this, I must first create a filter, then create a series from the filter.  With about 20 stars' worth of data and various filtering criteria, this turns into a lot of pointing and clicking.  Some way of eliminating the need for explicitly creating the series would speed things up a lot.  It might be helpful to split the filtering function into two cases: filtering and highlighting, with the former always making a series.  It would also be helpful if a bounding box, like the zoom box, could be used to establish a JD filter without going through a filter dialog.


David Benn
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Filtering enhancement request

Hi Tom

Thanks for your suggestions.

Starting with the second question first, there's a ticket for that (I added it last year) and I have been thinking about it for awhile. I'll get it into the next release.

Regarding the first issue of managing large numbers of filtered series, one thing that may make life a little easier for you is to use the Previous Filters dialog. You probably already know about it but in case not, see page 45 and 46 of the user manual. That still may not be what you are after though. Let me know.

One thing I could/should do is to add filter creation functionality (among other things) to the scripting API to automate some of the tedium.

Other than this, I have plans to make expand the power of filtering beyond what is currently available. You can see sourceforge tickets regarding much of this. It's really just a question of making the time, prioritising etc.



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