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VSX listed as Source in Sequence Tables

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VSX listed as Source in Sequence Tables

I happened to be looking through a recent sequence I downloaded and saw VSX listed as a source for photometric magnitudes. I looked back at some of my old sequences and concluded that VSX was added as a source sometime after July 2013 but before June 2014. However, VSX is NOT a primary source and the value and source of magnitude information presented in VSX can change. Is it really appropriate to have VSX listed a source on the sequence tables Produced by VSP? I would think only the primary source would be an acceptable entry, and in particular, a secondary source with changeable value and primary source reference would never be used as a source.  It seems to me this is a practice rife with potential for confusion. 

Brad Walter, WBY


Brad, since you are a member of the sequence team, this question is probably better addressed to the team where I think you will get a quick answer.  And if there is a problem, the people who can correct it are on that list.

Jim Jones

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