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  AM Her  
000-BCB-802 (67937 observations)  
Hercules Sequence
18 16 13.34 +49 52 04.1  (274.05558 +49.86781) Search nearby
B1950.0 18 14 58.90 +49 50 54.6
Proper motion
RA: -46.3 +/- 3.8 mas/yDec: 27.0 +/- 0.6 mas/ySource: UCAC4
Galactic coord. 77.865 +25.876
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1RXS J181613.8+495203 AAVSO 1813+49 AN 28.1923
Downes AM Her NSVS J1816133+495205 ROTSE1 J181613.28+495205.0
X 18149+498    
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Variability type
Spectral type pec+M4.5V
Mag. range
12.3 - 15.7 V
Discoverer --
24 Aug 1976 (HJD 2443014.71266) Ephemeris
Outburst --
Period 0.128927 d  (3.0942 h)
Rise/eclipse dur. --
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1 GCVS Team Ã??U 1809 +50. Lx(soft)/Lopt ~15. Emissions of H and KCaII, H, HeI, HeII, etc. In the spectrum. Epoch of Min I in V light is given. The period shows complex variations. The phase of Min I in U light is 0.30p, in B 0.15P, in R 0.05P. Min I is probably due to an eclipse of a hot spot and the gas flow near the surface of the white dwarf by the white dwarf itself. The depth of Min I is up to 0.7m. Min II with the depth up to 0.4m (sometimes absent), Min II - Min I = 0.55P. Min II coincides in phase with the X-ray eclipse. High and low states (b ~13.0m and B ~15.0m on average); in the high state there are variations with Delta(m) ~0.3m on the time scale >= 200d; the duration of low states is 130d - 700d [R.Hudec, L.Meinunger, MVS 7, H.8, 194, 1977.] or less. During low states the depth of minima is small. Flickering up to 0.8mV in several minutes or dozens of seconds; X-ray flickering on the time scale of ~10s not correlating with optical flickering. The magnetic field ~1*10**7 G at the equator, ~2*10**7 G on poles. Variable circular (from +3% to -9%) and linear (up to 7%) polarization. IR excess at lambda 10 mkm.
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1 Light curve from CRTS/CSS (Drake et al. 2009, ApJ, 696, 870) 2009ApJ...696..870D
2 R.A. Downes et al., 2001, PASP 113, 764 (2006 archival version) 2005JAD....11....2D
3 R.A. Downes et al., 2001, PASP 113, 764 2001PASP..113..764D
4 C.Akerlof et al., AJ 119, 1901, 2000. 2000AJ....119.1901A
5 P.Szkody, D.E.Brownlee, ApJ 212, L 113, 1977. 1977ApJ...212L.113S
6 W.Liller, Sky and Tel 53, N5, 351, 1977. --
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Catalog Data
Information from selected catalogs obtained by cross-matching to 2 arc seconds using the CDS X-Match Service. These data may not be complete.
2MASS J = 11.70H = 11.20K = 11.00J - K = 0.70
AllWISE W1 = 10.54W2 = 10.17W3 = 9.04W4 = 7.98W1 - W2 = 0.38W3 - W4 = 1.06
APASS-DR9 B = 15.12V = 14.81g' = 14.93r' = 14.62i' = 14.17B - V = 0.32
GALEX-DR5 FUV = 14.65NUV = 14.97FUV - NUV = -0.33
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