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Sutter Creek Observatory

Latitude and longitude: 38°22'47"N 120°46'31"W (+38.3796, -120.7751)
Elevation: 529m
Site manager: Bill Goff
Internet access: DSL
Weather statistics: anitcorrelated with southwest monsoon
Typical good seasons:spring/summer/fall

Phillip Coker 30 cm telescope (COKER30)


Type:  Meade LX-200GPS (ACF)
Aperture: 30cm
Focal length:3000cm
F-ratio: f/10
Focuser: TCF-S

Pointing accuracy :  1arcmin
Computer:Wndows 7/Professional PC
Software: MaximDL, ACP, ACP Scheduler
Telecope Advocate: Bill Goff

Typical seeing: 3arcsec
Best seeing:<2 arcsec
Vignetting: 10%
Scattered light:  none
Image defects: none

Type: STL-1001E
Filter wheel: STL 8 position
Filters: B,V,Rc,Ic,g,r,i,z
Exposure ratios/filter: 
Pixel count: 1024x1024
Pixel scale: 1.65
Field of view: 28x28arcmin
Readnoise:  15e-
Full well: 300Ke-
Cosmetic defects:
Dark current: 9e-/pix/sec at 0C
Read time: 10sec
Shortest exposure: 0.2sec
Compressed image size: 900KB

Typical images

Star Image Flat Bias Frame Dark Frame

Typical use of system 
  nightly monitoring of dozens of targets

Miscellaneous notes 

AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484