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W30, changes coming...

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W30, changes coming...

The new computer has arrived and I will soon begin to migrate our stuff to the new machine.  I'm eager to hear any tips anyone may have about this.  I've found one piece of software that might do the job, PCMover.  It will move apps and documents.  I'm especially concerned about the apps.  I've found one installer for MaxIm but not the others like ACP or Scheduler.  Some of that can be downloaded again, but I may need license numbers if I do that.


We are headed for 2 days of rainy, cloudy weather.  I plan on doing a new set of darks for either -20 or -25 during that period.


Bill Goff

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Migrating stuff

Hello Bill

I don't envy you at all.  I have no suggestions, as I have not done this.  When we got new computers last year we went from XP to Win7, so that changed a lot.  If you are not changing op system, that should make things easier.  However, I must say that the migration to Win 7/32 went very well. 


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