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W30 to have an update

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W30 to have an update

The W30 telescope is about to be modified as the mount electronics have become unreliable.  Over the last several weeks it has not completed its task list and could be found tracking but not responding to software commands.  We have tried a number of troubleshooting remedies attempting to isolate the problem.  I have become convinced that some part of the mount electronics have become unreliable as the problem surfaces' as the evening cools off, usually about 3 hours into a run.  Even when restarted after such a failure, it fails again after only a few images.


Phillip Coker, a member from Colorada Springs has offered his 12" LX200GPS as an alternative.  His scope does not have the imaging improvements done on W30 such as ventilation fans, filtered intakes and mirror lock downs.  I plan to install the Phillip's LX200GPS mount with the W30 OTA so that we'll have the best of the components.  This newer mount should give us improved tracking as it has improved an PEC feature.


I anticipate the change over will take till mid November before it is ready again for production.  Hopefully by then SBIG will have sorted out the filter wheel problem also!



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