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W30, work needed...

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W30, work needed...

Two problems have developed, one effected last nights work.  It seems the computer restarted around 4am, I found it this morning on the user log in screen.  The Scheduler log ends about 4 with a no text entry and the transfer folder did not get the Scheduler image log that usually goes with the nights work.  If the pipeline processing requires that log, it won't be there.  


I had reported to Arne that I had noticed some erratic cold starts with this computer.  To this point, it has run fine, but I now suspect a hardware failure has caused this restart.  The UPS is connected and my scope's computer was normal.  I have an old, low hours laptop I could but in place, temporarily.  I had planned to use it for another scope.  It will take some time to move things to the laptop and I'm not sure about license numbers.   If there is another option, I'd be glad to hear it!


The second problem has to do with the roof roll off system.  I'm using a winch and this morning(unrelated) while closing the roof there was a problem with the cable which caused it to stall.  The roof is closed, but the system is going to take some work.  It may take a few days to get working again, depending on whether or not I'm going to need replacement parts.




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