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WEbObs page check magnitudes

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WEbObs page check magnitudes

A simple and basic question about WebObs page: the variable mag. to be put into the 3rd window must be corrected by  the difference between catalogue and observed check magnitude, or not? Sorry, but I could not find the answer in the helps. I'm using ensembles and not-transformed magnitudes. Thanks

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check magnitude

Hi Giuseppe,

The variable's magnitude is NOT corrected by the catalog/observed check magnitude.  Your ensemble solution should already produce a magnitude that has been adjusted by the catalog magnitudes of the stars in your ensemble, so that is sufficient.  The check star is a separate star, reported using the same ensemble that you used for the variable, so that it may be possible to adjust your data in the future if better photometry becomes available for the ensemble stars.


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Check magnitude

Thank you, Arne. That's the way I used to do, but I wished a confirmation.

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