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This is a new forum for the discussion of supernovae photometry. Dr. Michael Richmond will be the primary forum moderator. This is an ad hoc forum created mainly to support the observing campaign behind SN 2011fe. Whether this forum remains alive after the campaign depends on interest and activity. However, the archives will always be publicly available. We would like the forum to act as a permanent archive of our discussion so it can be referred to in the event of future supernovae campaigns.

Dr. Richmond is maintaining a web page dedicated to the topic at the following URL:

Please visit the web site first and then use this forum to host any discussion.


Hello, all!  I'm the Michael Richmond mentioned above.  SN 2011fe is going to be the brightest SN we've seen in the past few decades (can you name the last one which was brighter?), so it deserves a lot of attention.  I'm trying to study it myself from my small observatory in Rochester, NY, but the weather here is ... not so great.  In order to fill in the gaps in the light curve, it will be necessary to combine measurements made at different locations.  That's not so easy to do when it comes to supernovae.  I thought that this would be a good occasion to both enlist the aid of many AAVSO observers, and to explain why supernovae are a special case when it comes to photometry.

So, I hope that this forum will allow people to

a) ask questions about the study of supernovae, and provide answers

b) share their experiences analyzing this particular supernova

c) combine their efforts so that we can publish a good light curve in a few months.

It's a bit of an experiment for me as well as for the AAVSO, but I think it will be worth it.

Note added Sep 7, 2011: In addition to the document mentioned above, there's a new short article describing how to measure color terms for your CCD camera.  See


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