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What is K35?

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What is K35?

In the AAVSO comp star sequences the sources listed sometimes include "K35".  What is K35 and how reliable are these magnitudes?  Is there a general description of all these photometry sources used for making AAVSO sequences?


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Hi Phil,

K35 was "Kracji 35", a C14 OTA on Tom's homebrew fork mount at Astrokolkhoz Observatory in New Mexico.  It was part of AAVSOnet until October 2012.  I did quite a bit of calibration work with that telescope, which is where the photometry comes from.  The photometry is as accurate as the uncertainties attached to each magnitude/color.

There is no general description of the various calibration sources other than their names.  It would be a good idea to document them all; thanks for the suggestion!


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