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Where to find FITS to download?

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Where to find FITS to download?

Hi all,

I was wondering if the FITS aren't being sent to my VPHOT directly from any of the scopes on the AAVSONET, is there a place that I can go to retrieve them then upload as if I was using my own scope?

Thank you!


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CCHC Plans


Plan 130 has been allocated. It will run soon. BSM_NH2 has been working on a short term b_Per time series project. Your images will be sent to your vphot account when taken. You will get a "you have data" email.

Plan 131 has not been allocated yet. It is not particularly good for BSMs. Too faint, too crowded.  IMO, OC61 would be better. Perhaps with a two hour time series for three nights to see if anything is happening first. It is also not well placed now. I'm talking to Arne.


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Sounds good!

I only ask because the last time I had a proposal accepted I don't think it was ever allocated and had another member email me a FTP link with a bunch of files that never made it to my vPhot... Likely because it was never allocated.

Not sure if it was just a fluke or the member was new to that side of it and didn't realize they weren't mine or my obs code. They sent me a bunch of FITS from obs code CHV.

I can send you the link I was sent so you can better understand what I was seeing/given if you'd like.


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