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William Tyler Olcott Award

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William Tyler Olcott Award

When Arne was reading the citation for the William Tyler Olcott Award, at the 101st Fall Meeting Banquet, as it was being presented to me, I was embarrassed with the generous description of my volunteer activities and promptly forgot much of what I had wanted to say, which now follows:

1)  A very large thank you to Arne, the Council members and To Mike Simonsen, who chairs the various teams I serve with.  I have been very fortunate to know you all and am in awe when I realize that you folks will be the giants upon whose shoulders future generations will stand.

2)  What an honor it is to stand on the shoulders of our founder William Tyler Olcott; WOW!

3)  What an even bigger honor it is and was to stand next to the shoulders of Arne who had the vision and the drive to bring about a sky survey that has never before been accomplished and whose photometry data base will now serve generations of observers, both amateur and professional.

What I do remember saying was something to the effect that we are an organization of not only an excellent staff but an organization of volunteers and that we are fortunate to have so many volunteers who, for the most part, while appreciated, often go “unrecognized” for their contributions and efforts and that I was accepting the award on behalf of all the volunteers.

Ad Astra

Tim Crawford, CTX

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Olcott Award


It was WELL deserved.  Congrats!

Roger Kolman

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Citations Posted

For those interested in reading the very, very well deserved citation that Tim mentions in his post, it has been posted on the Olcott Award Page.

Also, the Merit Award Page has been updated with Gerry Dyck's citation.

I've started posting pictures on the Meeting Archive Page. (Award photos and group photo are up so far. More to come!)

Olcott Award

Congratulations, Tim. Well done.

Paul York

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