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Won't read sequence data

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Joined: 2010-07-25

This morning I can't process some images of V0849 Her because VPhot can't find the AAVSO sequence for this star.  It finds the variable via VSX just fine but reports there are no sequence stars available for this star (checking with other stars works fine).  Yet, it will show the chart (with comp stars marked) and the sequence chart for this star (downloads from the AAVSO VSP).


VPHOT can't find AAVSO sequence stars.
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Joined: 2011-03-09

Yesterday and today (July 2-3), VPHOT says it can't find AAVSO sequence stars on any of my images. Lack of comparison stars should not be a problem. These are well-observed AAVSO program stars with multiple comparison stars throughout the field shown on the VSP charts. The images all have green WCS calibrations.

However, VPHOT is able to find and plot the GCVS variable.

Andy Howell (HOA)

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