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X Eri - a good star to follow

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Andrew Pearce
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X Eri - a good star to follow

Hi All

I've only recently started to follow X Eri and have found this to be an interesting star to watch. It has recently brightened several magnitudes in the last 40-50 days and currently is at mag 11.0 which is the brightest it has been visually recorded according to the AAVSO database since the star was first observed back in 1984 or so. ASAS observation back in 2000-2002 did record it getting up to 10.5. The ASAS data also showed quite rapid rates of brightening and fading. So for those of you who like your variable stars to change brightness rapidly and following some less well observed stars, I can recommend X Eri!


Andrew Pearce (PEX)

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X Eri

I thought IQ Eri (-22) was far south but X Eri at -41 declination is a too far for us +30 degrees or more north of the equator.....good luck with monitoring this "sexi" variable!


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