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You know, this really is a nice web site

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You know, this really is a nice web site

Hi all,

For some reason I just feel compelled to write this.  The AAVSO has a really nice web site.  It's useful, intuitive, and quite attractive.  Considering the small size of the full-time AAVSO staff and how busy yall are, this is even more wonderful.

Great work yall!

--Michael (RMW)
Dickinson, Texas

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creating a new topic or adding to solar bulletin remarks

 Hi: I am back for the moment. But, forgot how to do a new or current topic.  I have frequented the Phoebe Haas Watermann observatory, Sorry if the order is incorrect.  Solar observing via live streaming .  Noticed that the sun was void of sunspots. Are we entering into our minimum. However, there were some very nice Solar ejections. Enjoyed the latest solar bulletin. 




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nice website

Hi: I checked the Proper name is: Phoebe Waterman Haas Observatory in Washington D.C.  Best  HNL

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