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Z CAM Current Magnitude - Disregard Post

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Z CAM Current Magnitude - Disregard Post

Although my current observing program is not nearly as extensive as in past decades, there are a small group of old favorites that I continue to carefully monitor. Among these is Z CAM, which has recently become available to me for another season and I've been disturbed to see what appears as a distinct inconsistency between myself and several other contributors. The star is currently experiencing a standstill, a situation in which it is commonly found to fluctuate in the mid 12's. This is where I currently see it. Several others, however, list it as steadily in the mid 11's. While a one magnitude diviation between contributors might not be regarded as particularly significant for a Mira star, in a limited range cataclysmic variable during a standstill episode accurate magnitudes are really more desirable. Thus, I would ask some of the other visual contributors with long experience in following Z CAM to, if possible, give it a look and report, perhaps resolving the matter.

J.Bortle   (BRJ)


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Hi John,

Hi John,

I recently saw Z Cam indeed in standstill, around 11.5-7 (which is where I usually see it 'standing still', definitely not mid-12s) but recently it has faded slightly to about 12 and may be standing still there. If so it's quite anomalous behaviour for an already-anomalous star! Having abother look tonight if Mr Moon will allow.

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