AAVSO Annual Campaign: 2021-2022

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Members and Friends of the AAVSO,

This year, we are celebrating our 110th year, a rarity for a non-profit organization. We could not have done it without your support. 

Guided by our mission “to enable anyone, anywhere, to participate in scientific discovery through variable star astronomy,” we have begun implementing the new strategic plan focused on three primary goals:

  • High Member Satisfaction


  •  Increased Organizational Impact


  •  Long-Term Financial Stability


In support of this plan, many new initiatives are underway, and we are already seeing positive results. We are dedicated to the growth and satisfaction of our membership, as well as the impact of our work on the scientific community.

Our membership has grown to over 1,400 individuals, representing a unique collaboration of professional and amateur astronomers, as well as others interested in supporting our work.

Your donation will help us to be even more successful so that a future generation can celebrate our 200th Anniversary!


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Please donate now or any time before the end of our campaign on March 31, 2022! Monthly donation options are available.

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or you may also send check to AAVSO at 49 Bay State Road, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA.


Thank you very much for your support, clear skies, and best wishes for a good year,


Dave Cowall


AAVSO Board President