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1RXS J015017.0+375614 classification?

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1RXS J015017.0+375614 classification?

I have been observing this new supposed CV, and it has been fairly constant to me in the mid-16 mag range over several months. The original paper by Lazareva reports it has been as faint as mag 19. But no observations in LCG show it fainter than about 17. It shows a few outbursts to mag 14-15 range.  However, since it appears to be several magnitudes above minimum(?) most of the time, wouldn't this make it a UGZ, rather than UGSU type as it is classified now?

Mike LMK

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1RXS J015017.0+375614 might be a Z Cam

Hi Mike,

It's hard to draw any conclusions from the scant AAVSO data available, but looking at the last 250 days or so of the CRTS light curve (standstill?), 1RXS J015017.0+375614 certainly does look like a potential Z Cam candidate. I'll add it to the program for 2014. Thanks for the heads up!

CRTS light curve showing what looks like a Z Cam standstill MJD532493250 and 532493500
Drake et al. 2009, ApJ, 696, 870

Mike Simonsen

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