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2018 Annual Campaign Thank You

Thank you for your generous support!

Thanks to the generous support of the Annual Campaign by so many AAVSO members, observers and friends we raised $30,525.08! THANK YOU!!  We are grateful to your response, and we pledge to continue our efforts to bringing variable star research to everyone everywhere. We were particularly pleased to see so many new additions to both the Citizen Astronomer Promoter (CAP) initiative and the new 2018 pin program for those 2017 CAP recipients who again donated $250 or more to this year’s Campaign. The AAVSO will be sending out the Citizen Astronomer Promoter baseball caps or 2018 donor pins later this Fall.

Your generosity and commitment helps the AAVSO bring the world of variable stars to all. It helps us train new observers, maintain our international database, curate our software, work on new and exciting projects. Becoming a donor, is not only proof of your own passion for knowledge and scientific advancement – it means that, thanks to you, the spark of curiosity and scientific discovery will come alive in hundreds of people from around the world. It means that you value the hard work of thousands of Citizen Astronomers worldwide. It means that you power groundbreaking research and astonishing discoveries. It means that you value astronomical observations and the AAVSO’s mission to make it accessible to everyone everywhere. It means that you are part of the AAVSO’s legacy, and ensure its continuity.

From one citizen Astronomer to another,

Best wishes – clear skies,

Stella Kafka,

AAVSO Director

AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484