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6303 CCD - Horizontal lines

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6303 CCD - Horizontal lines

I was wondering if my experience is shared by others who are using 6303 based CCD cameras.  I have an SBIG STXL6303E camera.  While doing some tests to try to quantify the accuracy of my photometry, I was looking more closely at my images.  I noticed some faint horizontal lines in some of the calibrated images and followed these back to the flats.  I posted on the SBIG support forum here:

I sent my camera to SBIG who have been looking into this and is finding these faint image lines in all of their 6303 cameras.  On the cameras with newer chips, the lines are always 36 pixels apart as are mine.

I am interested to know if anyone else using the 6303 can take a close (highly stretched) look at their flats and tell me if they see similar results.  When I get home Sunday, I can post a screenshot of what I see.  If you happen to be in Nashville, I’d love to compare notes.

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Cliff Kotnik

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