Alert Notice 286: 2003+17 WZ Sagittae in outburst AND 2003+35 Nova Cygni 2001 = V2274 Cygni - Update

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AAVSO ALERT NOTICE 286 (July 23, 2001)


We have been informed via the VSNET network (vsnet-alert 6093) that the
prototype of the WZ Sge subclass of dwarf nova cataclysmic variables - WZ
Sagittae - is in outburst.  Ryoko Ishioka and Makoto Uemura, Kyoto University,
Japan, reported that T. Watanabe reported that M. Oshima observed WZ Sge on
July 23.6042 UT at visual magnitude 9.7.  They also reported that the Kyoto
team confirmed the outburst.  Uemura subsequently reported (vsnet-alert 6094)
that they observed WZ Sge at Rc magnitude 9.54.

Recent observations of WZ Sge submitted to the AAVSO include:

Jul. 20.0610 UT, 15.4, G. Poyner, Birmingham, England; 20.0740, 15.49 CCD,
R. Diethelm, Rodersdorf, Switzerland; 21.9756, 15.3, M. Reszelski, Szamotuly,
Poland; 22.9687, 15.3, Reszelski; 22.98, <13.5, P. Schmeer, Bischmisheim,
Germany; 23.0279, <13,6, H. McGee, West Clandon, Surrey, England.

WZ Sge was originally classified as a Recurrent Nova, but was subsequently
reclassified into its own category of cataclysmic variable.  According to
observations in the AAVSO International Database, the last outburst of WZ Sge
occurred on December 1, 1978 (see AAVSO Alert Notice 25),
when it was first observed by John Bortle and Ernst Mayer and brightened to
visual magnitude approximately 8.1.  Earlier outbursts of WZ Sge include 1913,
when it reached photographic magnitude 7.0, and 1946, when it reached visual
magnitude 8.0.

Observers are requested to monitor WZ Sge closely throughout this very rare
outburst.  Both visual and particularly CCD observers are urged to monitor
it for superhumps by making observations every 3 to 5 minutes for several
hours; be sure to report the time to 4 decimal places of the Julian Date.

Accompanying is an 'e' scale AAVSO Preliminary chart of WZ Sge, which has been
adapted from the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand's chart. A 'b'
scale chart is also available from the AAVSO website (see below for details).
Please use these charts to observe WZ Sge, and report your observations to
AAVSO Headquarters, making sure to indicate which comparison star(s) you used.

Congratulations to M. Oshima on his detection of this outburst of WZ Sge!

2003+35  NOVA CYGNI 2001 = V2274 CYGNI  -  UPDATE

Nova Cygni 2001 (see AAVSO News Flash No. 815) = V2274 Cygni (IAU Circular
) has faded slightly since its discovery on July 13, as indicated by
the observations below which have been reported to the AAVSO:

Jul. 17.8799 UT, 12.3, J. Gunther, St. Trinit, France; 18.9097, 11.9,
P. Dubovsky, Podbiel, Slovakia; 18.9257, 12.1, M. Reszelski, Szamotuly, Poland;
19.0721, 12.2 CCDV, A. Price, Waltham, MA; 19.0847, 11.91 CCDV, G. Walker,
Sherborne, MA; 19.0904, 11.95 CCDV, Walker; 19.1017, 11.93 CCDV, Walker;
19.1112, 11.92 CCDV, Walker; 19.1268, 11.91 CCDV, Walker; 19.1384, 11.87 CCDV,
Walker; 19.1491, 11.93 CCDV, Walker; 19.1589, 11.93 CCDV, Walker; 19.2924,
11.86 CCDV, S. O'Connor, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; 19.2971, 10.79 CCDR,
O'Connor; 19.9589, 12.0, G. Poyner, Birmingham, England; 19.9964, 12.2,
Reszelski; 20.0581, 11.88 CCDV, Walker; 20.0732, 11.90 CCDV, Walker; 20.0855,
11.81 CCDV, Walker; 20.0879, 11.9, Poyner; 20.0964, 11.87 CCDV, Walker;
20.1019, 12.2 CCDV, Price; 20.2617, 12.0 CCDV, R. Royer, Lakewood, CA; 20.3111,
11.91 CCDV, O'Connor; 20.3138, 10.81 CCDR, O'Connor; 21.0742, 11.92 CCDV,
Walker; 21.0917, 11.99 CCDV, Walker; 21.1020, 11.97 CCDV, Walker; 21.1227,
11.83 CCDV, J. West, Mulvane, KS; 21.2382, 12.3, B. Chandler, Springville, CA;
22.1208, 12.3 CCDV, West; 22.2319, 12.3, R. Stine, Newbury Park, CA; 22.2993,
12.1, Stine.

Accompanying is an AAVSO Standard 'f' scale chart, which includes the CCD
comparison star sequence issued by Arne Henden and Bruce Sumner and was
prepared by G. Hawkins, AAVSO Headquarters.  Please use this chart to observe
V2274 Cyg and report your observations to AAVSO Headquarters, making sure to
indicate which comparison stars you used.  Please note that the comparison star
labeled 123 on the chart issued with AAVSO News Flash No. 815 is labeled 115
on the accompanying chart.  Observers are asked to review their observations
made using this star, revise any magnitudes as necessary, and inform
Headquarters at once of the revisions.


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Electronic copies of the charts for WZ Sge and V2274 Cyg mentioned in this
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The answering machine at AAVSO Headquarters is on nights and weekends for
your convenience. Please call our charge-free number (888-802-STAR =
888-802-7827) to report your observations. We also encourage observers to
send observations by fax to 617-354-0665 or by e-mail through the Internet

Many thanks for your valuable astronomical contributions and your efforts.

Good observing!

Janet A. Mattei

Elizabeth O. Waagen
Senior Technical Assistant


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