Alert Notice 323: 1737-34 Nova Scorpii 2005 [V1188 Sco]

July 26, 2005


Object: 1737-34 NOVA SCORPII 2005   [V1188 Sco]

Event: Nova in Scorpius

Discovered Independently By:
- ASAS-3 survey (reported by Grzegorz Pojmanski, Warsaw University Astronomical Observatory)
- Hideo Nishimura, Kakegawa, Shizuoka-ken, Japan (reported by S. Nakano, Sumoto, Japan)

Discovery Magnitude:
- 9.11 CCDV (ASAS-3, 180-mm-focal-length (65-mm-aperture) telephoto lens)
- 8.7 photographic (Nishimura, two 30-s Kodak T-Max films; Pentax 6x7 camera (+ 200-mm f/4.0 lens))

Discovery Date:
- July 25.284 UT (ASAS-3)
- July 26.565 UT (Nishimura)

Position: Reported by S. Nakano and measured by N. Hashimoto and T. Urata, Bisei Spaceguard Center, on unfiltered CCD frames taken ~July 26.596 UT using the 0.50-m f/2.0 reflector:
R.A. = 17h 44m 21.59s (2000.0)
Decl. = -34o 16' 35.7" (2000.0)

Spectra: none to date

AAVSO Chart(s): 'd' scale chart is available at:   [obsolete link; create charts using VSP at ]

Report Object to the AAVSO as: 1737-34 N SCO 05

Observations Reported to the AAVSO: July 23.287 UT, <14 CCDV, ASAS-3; 26.596, 8.6 CCD, N. Hashimoto and T. Urata; 26.296, 8.98 CCDV, ASAS-3; 26.311, 8.98 CCDV, ASAS-3; 26.735, 8.9, T. Cooper, Bredell, South Africa.

a. All information in this Alert Notice except magnitude from Tim Cooper is from IAU Central Bureau Electronic Telegram 185, ed. Daniel W. E. Green.
b. The region around the object is noted as being crowded with nearby stars.
c. Pojmanski reports that nothing is visible at this location down to magnitude 17 on Digitized Sky Survey images.
d. The nearest USNO-A2.0 star (red mag 17.4) has position end figures 21.987s, 35.85".
e. Nishimura's position end figures given as 22s, 15' 59" (equinox 2000.0); nothing was visible at this location down to magnitude 11 on his survey films taken on July 20.

Congratulations to Grzegorz Pojmanski for ASAS and Hideo Nishimura on their latest discoveries!

Many thanks for your valuable astronomical contributions and your efforts.

Good observing!

Elizabeth O. Waagen
Senior Technical Assistant