Alert Notice 333: Possible New Dwarf Nova in Cet (ASAS023322)

January 21, 2006

SUBJECT: Possible New Dwarf Nova in Cet (ASAS023322)

Bogumil Pilecki, Warsaw University Astronomical Observatory, reports on a possible new nova or dwarf nova discovered by the ASAS3V instrument. Coordinates by David Boyd (BDG) using UCAC2 as reference are:

RA: 02:33:21.398 +/- 0.07 Decl.: -10:47:04.55 +/- 0.07 (J2000)

The previously unobserved object was first detected by ASAS3V on Jan 20.121 UT at magnitude 12.08 in V.

The new object has been confirmed by the following AAVSO observations:

	Jan 21.779  12.58 +/- 0.02 CCD V          David Boyd        England
Jan 21.9136 13.18 +/- N/A  CCD Unfiltered Diego Rodriguez   Spain
Jan 21.96   12.5  +/- N/A  CCD V          Cristovao Jacques Brazil
Jan 22.0882 12.7           Visual         Dan Taylor        Canada
Jan 22.1490 12.99 +/- 0.01 CCD Unfiltered Tom Krajci        USA

Time series observations by Tom Krajci do not reveal any short term modulation at this time, however the data set is short. Please take CCD time series observations for as long as possible in the next few days and submit your observations to the AAVSO. If this is a UGWZ type dwarf nova then superhumps will be detected, and a change in their hase may be detected early in the outburst. Visual observations are requested to monitor the star's long term behavior. Spectroscopic observations would also help to determine the star's type.

Pilecki reports that one star is located close to this position in the USNOB catalog:

	#          id|           RA|          DEC|     B1|     R1|     B2|    
0792-0024872 02:33:21.3620 -10:47:04.940  18.180  18.620  19.340 19.15

AAVSO e-scale charts with a sequence by B. Sumner have been prepared by A. Price and B. Stine and are available at this URL:  [obsolete link; create charts using VSP at ]

An AAVSO light curve is available at this URL:   [obsolete link; see AAVSO observations using light curve generator at ]

Until a more formal designation is assigned, submit data to the AAVSO as "ASAS023322" with a designation of 9999+99.

A web page [obsolete link; all info therein included in this Alert Notice] coordinating this campaign will be created and posted to in the next couple of days. Discussion is requested to take place on the AAVSO Photometry discussion group.

This campaign will be coordinated by Aaron Price (

This Alert Notice was prepared by: Aaron Price.



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