Alert Notice 334: Possible New Nova/Dwarf Nova in Hya

January 28, 2006

SUBJECT: Possible New Nova/Dwarf Nova in Hya

Grzegorz Pojmanski, Warsaw University Astronomical Observatory, reports on a possible new nova or dwarf nova discovered by the ASAS3V instrument. The previously unobserved object was first detected by ASAS3V at RA = 10h 25m 22s DEC = -15d 42'.4 (assumed J2000) on Jan 26.245 UT at magnitude 12.219 in V.

	ASAS-3 CCD V observations of the new object to date:
   Jan. 23.260  <14
   Jan. 26.245   12.219   Err: 0.047
   Jan. 27.346   12.476   Err: 0.084
   Jan. 27.349   12.492   Err: 0.076
   Jan. 27.352   12.469   Err: 0.084
   Jan. 28.095   12.576   Err: 0.043

  The new object was confirmed by the following AAVSO observations:
  Jan. 27.986  12.5      Err: Unknown  CCD Unfiltered   VMT
  Jan. 28.1    12.5      Err: Unknown  CCD V            GRL
  Jan. 28.372  12.7                    Visual           LMK
  Jan. 28.534  12.891    Err: 0.008    CCD Unfiltered   KTC

  GRL  Bjorn H. Granslo  Norway
  KTC  Tom Krajci        New Mexico, USA
  LMK  Mike Linnolt      Hawaii, USA
  VMT  Tonny Vanmunster  Belgium

Early CCD observations submitted by Tom Krajci show a hint of modulation with a preliminary period of 0.067 +/- 0.001 days and an increasing rate of decay. Please observe for as long as possible to look for superhumps or other behavior. Use a V filter if possible and go unfiltered if that is the only way for you to achieve 0.01 precision. Nice, long observing runs are needed. Precision is more important than time resolution at this stage so stack if needed.

Visual observations are also requested to fill in the gaps of CCD coverage.

An provisional AAVSO e-scale chart with photometry from ASAS-3 has been created and is available at the following URL. A follow up chart with BVRI photometry from Henden is in production and will be placed online at the same URL when ready.  [obsolete link; create charts using VSP at ]

Also, an AAVSO light curve is available at this URL:   [obsolete link; see AAVSO observations by using light curve generator at ]

Pojmanski reports that one star is located close to this position in the USNOB catalog:

	#          id|           RA|          DEC|    B1|    R1|    B2|    R2|    I2|              
 0742-0227702 10:25:22.2433 -15:42:22.030  19.32  18.95  19.12  19.10  18.75

Report your observations to the AAVSO as: ASAS102515 or 1020-15.

Reminder: If you would like observations of this CV (or any other object for that matter) sent to you via e-mail in real-time, hourly, daily or weekly summaries sign up for the customized AAVSO MyNewsFlash at  [obsolete link, use ].

This campaign will be coordinated by Aaron Price (

This Alert Notice was prepared by: Aaron Price.



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