Alert Notice 364: Nova Vulpeculae 2007 No. 2 = V459 Vul

December 26, 2007

Event: Nova

Discovered Independently By:
- Hiroshi Kaneda, Sapporo, Japan (reported by S. Nakano, Sumoto, Japan)
- Akihiko Tago, Japan (reported by Nakano)

Discovery Magnitude:
- Kaneda: CCD magnitude 8.7, through thin clouds and using a Nikon D40 digital camera (+105-mm f/2.5 lens), 3 frames
- Tago: CCD magnitude 8.3, using a Canon 20D digital camera (+ Pentax 105-mm f/3.2 lens), 2 frames

Discovery Date:
- Kaneda: Dec. 25.35 UT
- Tago: Dec. 26.38 UT

19:48:08.87 +21:15:26.8 (equinox 2000, USNO-B1.0 1112-0430634 from VSX)

AAVSO Chart:
A chart for V459 Vul is available via VSP (Variable Star Plotter) on the AAVSO website. Go to:
and enter the name V459 VUL. A sequence will be available soon, probably tomorrow.

Report Object to the AAVSO as: V459 VUL (Designation 1943+21)

Observations Reported to the AAVSO:
Dec. 25.357 UT, 8.2 CCD, Kaneda (real brightening uncertain due to clouds in discovery images);
26.342, 7.1 CCD, K. Itagaki, Yamagata, Japan, confirming observation;
26.355, 7.7 CCD, Kaneda;
26.38, 7.8 CCD, Nakano (measurement of jpeg image by Tago);

Spectra: Spectroscopy by several Japanese observers indicate that the object is a classical nova, probably pre-maximum, and may be considerably reddened.

a. All information in this Alert Notice is from Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams CBET 1181, Daniel W. E. Green, editor, unless otherwise noted. 

b. See AAVSO Special Notice #85 (A. Henden) for initial AAVSO announcement of this object and for comments about observability.

c. Nakano reports nothing visible within 20" of this position on the Digitized Sky Survey, and nothing visible at this position on Kaneda's patrol frames from October 2 through December 8 (limiting mag 10-11). 

d. Kaneda and K. Kadota, Ageo, Japan, note that a USNO-B1.0-catalogue star [USNO-B1.0 1112-0430634] has position end figures 08.871s, 26.81" and magnitude ~20.

e. N. N. Samus and E. Kazarovets, Institute of Astronomy, Moscow, write that N Vul 2007 No. 2 has been given the name V459 Vul.

Congratulations to Hiroshi Kaneda and Akihiko Tago on their independent discoveries!

Many thanks for your valuable astronomical contributions and your efforts.

Good observing!

Elizabeth Waagen
Senior Technical Assistant



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