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Alert Notice 371: Support for XMM-Newton Observations of SS Aurigae

March 6, 2008: Dr. Patrick Godon (Villanova University / STScI) requests observations of the dwarf nova SS Aurigae (AAVSO Designation 0605+47) during the next several weeks in support of XMM-Newton X-ray observations. They request nightly visual and instrumental observations to determine whether the star was in outburst or quiescence during the observation scheduled for 2008 March 22/23 UT. Observations before, during, and after the scheduled X-ray observations will be used in their final analysis. Please begin observing now, and continue until at least April 5.

SS Aurigae is a well-observed dwarf nova, though it is faint in quiescence at around m(vis) = 16.  Visual positive and fainter-than observations, and all instrumental photometry will be useful to determine whether or not the star is in outburst. Time-series are *not* required; if you are observing with a CCD, please use filters if available and obtain a S/N of 50 or higher if you can do so in reasonable time. Please report all observations promptly via WebObs if possible, particularly during XMM-Newton's observing window on March 22/23 UT (JD 2454548.5).

SS Aurigae is located at RA: 06 13 22.50 , Dec: +47 44 26.0 (J2000)

Charts for SS Aurigae are available via VSP:

Recent observations may be obtained via the WebObs observations search page (formerly Quick Look):

This AAVSO Alert Notice was prepared by Matthew Templeton.



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