Alert Notice 373: Support for XMM-Newton Observations of SS Aurigae

March 28, 2008

(Note: This Alert Notice supercedes AAVSO Alert Notice 371, issued March 06, 2008)

Dr. Patrick Godon (Villanova University / STScI) requests observations of the dwarf nova SS Aurigae (AAVSO Designation 0605+47) during the next several weeks in support of XMM-Newton X-ray observations.  They request nightly visual and instrumental observations to determine whether the star was in outburst or quiescence during the observation scheduled for 2008 April 07 UT.  Observations before, during, and after the scheduled X-ray observations will be used in their final analysis. Please begin observing now, and continue until at least April 21.

SS Aurigae is a well-observed dwarf nova, though it is faint in quiescence at around m(vis) = 16.  Visual positive and fainter-than observations, and all instrumental photometry will be useful to determine whether or not the star is in outburst.  Time-series are *not* required; if you are observing with a CCD, please use filters if available and obtain a S/N of 50 or higher if you can do so in reasonable time. Please report all observations promptly via WebObs if possible, particularly during XMM-Newton's observing window on April 07 UT (JD 2454564 +/- 1 day).

SS Aurigae is located at RA: 06 13 22.50 , Dec: +47 44 26.0 (J2000)

Charts for SS Aurigae are available via VSP:

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This AAVSO Alert Notice was prepared by Matthew Templeton.



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