Alert Notice 374: Nova Cygni 2008 = V2468 Cyg

March 31, 2008: V2468 Cyg (Nova Cyg 2008) was announced on March 8, 2008, in Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams Circular No. 8928 (Daniel W. E. Green, editor) and AAVSO Special Notice #98 (E. Waagen). The nova was discovered by Hiroshi Kaneda, Minami-ku, Sapporo, Japan (reported via S. Nakano, Sumoto, Japan), at magnitude 8.2 +/- 0.3 on unfiltered CCD images taken March 7.801 UT.

According to observations submitted to the AAVSO International Database, the nova is currently at visual magnitude 11.1.

Coordinates: RA 19:58:33.57, Decl. +29:52:11.6 (J2000)

VSX ( identifiers:
V2468 CYG; N CYG 08; Nova Cyg 2008; VSX J195833.5+295211

AAVSO Unique ID (AUID): 000-BFT-108

N Cyg 08 was subsequently given the name V2468 Cyg by N. N. Samus, Institute of Astronomy, Moscow (IAU Circular No. 8928, Daniel W. E. Green, ed.).

Also as given in IAU Circular No. 8928, M. M. Beaky, Truman State University, reports that a CCD spectrum of V2468 Cyg, acquired with the 0.36-m telescope at the Truman Observatory on March 11.46 UT, shows H_alpha and H_beta lines to be prominent in emission, and numerous Fe II emission lines also visible, thus placing the nova in the 'Fe II' class.

A finder chart for V2468 Cyg is available via VSP (Variable Star Plotter) on the AAVSO website. Go to and enter the name V2468 CYG. A sequence down to magnitude 16.2, provided by A. Henden, AAVSO, from Sonoita photometry calibrated by him, has been posted as of today. CCD observers should use the photometry table provided in VSP.

The latest observations reported to the AAVSO indicate the nova may be fading more rapidly, although it should be noted a variety of comparison stars have been used:

March 27.0903 UT, 10.4, S. Swierczynski, Dobczyce, Poland;
27.4857, 10.602 V, M. Nicholson, Daventry, England;
28.1354, 10.382 V, A. Wargin, Lawinowa, Poland;
29.4069, 10.3, L. Shotter, Uniontown, PA;
30.0639, 10.5, W. Kriebel, Schierling-Walkenstetten, Germany;
30.3583, 10.6. R. Tyson, Freeport, NY;
31.1306, 11.1, A. Wargin, Lawinowa, Poland.

All of the observations reported to the AAVSO may be found by going to the AAVSO observations search page (formerly quick look file page) at and entering the name V2468 Cyg. A light curve of these data may be seen by going to the light curve generator page at and entering V2468 Cyg.

Report Object to the AAVSO as: V2468 CYG

Please continue your visual and photometric observations of V2468 Cyg as it declines and continue to report them to the AAVSO. Many thanks for your valuable astronomical contributions and your efforts.

Good observing!

Elizabeth O. Waagen
Senior Technical Assistant



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