Alert Notice 388: Nova Mus 2008 = QY Mus

October 6, 2008

Event: Nova in Musca

Discovered By: W. Liller (Vina del Mar, Chile)

Discovery Date: 2008 September 28.998 UT (JD 2454738.498)

Discovery Magnitude: m=8.6 (Tech Pan phot + orange filter)

Position: RA = 13h 16m 36.44s , Dec = -67d 36m 47.8s (from P. Nelson)

Charts: Finder charts for this object may be plotted by entering the coordinates above into VSP:

Notes: This object was announced as a nova in IAU Circular 8990 (Daniel W.E. Green, editor).  The nova classification was determined using  low-resolution spectra by W. Liller indicating the presence of broad H-alpha lines at least 2300 angstroms wide.  Several observers confirmed the nova and provided photometry.  The position above was provided by Peter Nelson (Ellinbank, Vic., Aus.), and is averaged from four separate exposures (rms error approx. 0.4 arcseconds).  The GCVS team have formally designated Nova Mus 2008 as "QY MUS".

Vello Tabur (Wanniassa, ACT, Aus.) has prediscovery photometry of the object indicating it appeared on or about September 21 at an unfiltered magnitude of 9.99.  He provides the following photometry: (not visible),
2008 Sep 19.41791 (JD 2454728.91791); m=9.99, 2008 Sep 21.37778 (JD 2454730.87778); m=9.88, 2008 Sep 23.40085 (JD 2454732.90085); m=9.76, 2008 Sep 24.37829 (JD 2454733.87829); m=9.23, 2008 Sep 25.37848 (JD 2454734.87848); m=8.73, 2008 Sep 27.38874 (JD 2454736.88874); m=8.71, 2008 Sep 28.38280 (JD 2454737.88280); m=8.37, 2008 Sep 29.43575 (JD 2454738.93575); m=8.07, 2008 Sep 30.39739 (JD 2454739.89739); m=8.30, 2008 Oct 01.39513 (JD 2454740.89513); m=9.11, 2008 Oct 02.39855 (JD 2454741.89855).  Magnitudes are unfiltered, relative to HD 114083, and are accurate to +/- 0.03 magnitudes.

Peter Nelson observed the nova in B and V filters on 2008 Oct 02.4375 (JD 2454741.9375) and obtained B=10.26, V=9.31 using TYC 9242 272 as the comparison star.  On 2008 Oct 05.9815 (JD 2454744.9815) the object was at B=9.84, V=9.19.

The following visual magnitudes have also been submitted to the AAVSO since the issuance of AAVSO Special Notice #126 (October 2, 2008):
m(vis)=9.4, JD 2454741.924 (R. Stubbings, Tetoora Road, Vic., Aus.);
m(vis)=8.9, JD 2454741.940 (P. Williams, Heathcote, NSW, Aus.);
m(vis)=9.8, JD 2454742.4486 (A. Amorim, Florianopolis, Brazil);
m(vis)=9.5, JD 2454743.89861 (R. Kaufman, Bright, Vic., Aus.).

Please submit all data to the AAVSO using the name "QY MUS".  This object is also assigned the AUID 000-BFT-987, and was initially assigned the name "VSX J131636.4-673647".

Congratulations to Bill Liller for his discovery!

Clear skies, and good observing,

Matthew Templeton



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