Alert Notice 515: SN 2015F in NGC 2442 (PSN J07361576-6930230)

March 31, 2015

Event: Supernova in NGC 2442: SN 2015F = PSN J07361576-6930230

Discovered by: Libert A. G. Monard, Calitzdorp, Western Cape, South Africa

Discovery magnitude: 16.8 unfiltered CCD using a 35-cm RCX400 telescope (+SBIG ST8-XME camera)

Discovery date: 2015 March 9.789 UT

Coordinates:  R.A. 07 36 15.76   Dec. -69 30 23.0  (2000.0)
SN 2015F is located 40" west and 84" north of the center of NGC 2442.

Spectra: An optical spectrogram obtained by M. Fraser (Institute of Astronomy) et al. on behalf of the PESSTO collaboration on Mar. 11.006 UT with the 3.6-m New Technology Telescope (+ EFOSC2 Grism 13) at La Silla indicates that SN 2015F is a Type-Ia supernova discovered before maximum light (via CBET 4081).

Charts: Charts with a comparison star sequence for SN 2015F may be created using the AAVSO Variable Star Plotter (VSP) at

Observations reported to the AAVSO:
2015 Feb. 23.896 UT, <19.5 (L. A. G. Monard, Calitzdorp, Western Cape, South Africa; via CBET 4081);
Mar. 11.744, 15.4 (Monard);
11.944, 15.3 (Monard);
14.763, 14.2 (Monard);
15.747, 13.8 (Monard);
17.775, 13.4 (Monard);
18.768, 13.2 (Monard);
19.752, 13.1 (Monard);
26.50833, 13.2 (CMQ, P. Camilleri, Warners Bay, Newcastle, NSW, Australia);
28.00414, 13.267 V +/-0.010 (HMB, J. Hambsch, Mol, Belgium, remotely at San Pedro de Atacama, Chile);
28.00490, 13.264 V +/-0.010 (Hambsch);
28.40972, 13.3 (Camilleri);
29.00229, 13.283 V +/-0.011 (Hambsch);
29.00303, 13.291 V +/-0.010 (Hambsch);
30.00325, 13.295 V +/-0.012 (Hambsch);
30.00399, 13.273 V +/-0.012 (Hambsch);
31.00247, 13.316 V +/-0.012 (Hambsch);
31.00322, 13.327 V +/-0.012 (Hambsch);

Submit observations: Please submit observations to the AAVSO International Database using the name "SN 2015F".

a. Announced in IAU CBAT Central Bureau Electronic Telegram 4081 (Daniel W. E. Green, ed.). Assigned the name PSN J07361576-6930230 when posted to the IAU Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams Transient Object Confirmation Page (TOCP) at

b. Multiple images are available online, including one obtained 2015 Mar. 13.597 UT by J. Brimacombe (Cairns, Australia, remotely from Warrumbungle Observatory, Siding Spring, NSW, Australia) showing SN 2015F at magnitude 15.45 CV +/- 0.17 at

Congratulations to Berto Monard on his latest discovery!

This AAVSO Alert Notice was compiled by Elizabeth O. Waagen.


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